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Friday Night Services:

Services at 6:30pm
Once a Month (before the "Friday Night Live" the 2nd shabbos of every month)


Shabbos Morning Services:

10:00am shachris - Morning Prayer

10:15am Ckids Club

10:45 am Torah Reading/discussion

12:00 pm Kiddush - Shabbos Lunch

Mincha following Kiddush/Lunch


We usually have a Minyan the first and third Shabbos of every month. Please contact us at 773-495-7127 to confirm.
the other weeks we usually hold services with a Torah/parsha discussion and Kiddush/lunch. we cant commit there will be a Minyan .

We look forward to having you over!

Upcoming events
Jun. 27, 2017
Today is the Rebbe's Yzhrtzeit.

Do a specail Mitzvah and send a note of prayer and blessings to be placed on his grave site at
Jul. 14, 2017
Meet, mingle, and network with other Young Jewish people in our community while enjoying great food and drinks -L'chaims!. Cocktails, Dinner and more at Chabad! Sign up now to reserve a spot!