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Friday Night Services:

Services at 6:30pm
Once a Month (before the "Friday Night Live" the 2nd shabbos of every month)


Shabbos Morning Services:

10:00am shachris - Morning Prayer

10:15am Ckids Club

10:45 am Torah Reading/discussion

12:00 pm Kiddush - Shabbos Lunch

Mincha following Kiddush/Lunch


We usually have a Minyan the first and third Shabbos of every month. Please contact us at 773-495-7127 to confirm.
the other weeks we usually hold services with a Torah/parsha discussion and Kiddush/lunch. we cant commit there will be a Minyan .

We look forward to having you over!

Upcoming events
Nov. 10, 2017
Meet, mingle, and network with other Young Jewish people in our community while enjoying great food and drinks -L'chaims!. Cocktails, Dinner and more at Chabad! Sign up now to reserve a spot!