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Historic Torah Dedication Form

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     We want to thank over 100 community members for helping us reach the milestone of this special Torah celebration. As of 10/25/2019 we are still short a little more than $4100. Please help us below reach the finish line so we can beautify the Torah even more. 


     July, 03, 2019

    From The Desk of Rabbi Dovid Kotlarsky

    Dear Community Member,

    A few weeks ago, I walked into a hardware store (on Halsted and Diversey)...​ and walked out with a Torah​.

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s important that you hear this story, properly. Because I need your help.

    Let me start from the beginning.

    Do you know the Friedman Place? It is a beautiful facility on Lincoln Avenue. It began in 1935 as a community for blind and visually impaired adults.

    In its heyday, Friedman Place hosted 80 Jewish residents. Now there are only seven.

    They have a Torah, over 100 years old that originated from Eastern Europe, that has not been used in more than a decade.

    It’s been waiting in storage. Lonely, ignored and forgotten. Waiting for a new home.

    It’s been waiting for you.

    That day in the hardware store, I bumped into a board member of the Friedman Place. He said they had an old Torah to give away. When I was asked if we could use it, ​I couldn’t say no​. Because I had to make sure the Torah would continue to be used in a Shul, and I hope you can help!

    Imagine this Torah, and the late 1800s Eastern Europe shtetl that it came from…

    The sights it must have seen. And the children that loved to kiss it. The first blessings from Bar Mitzvahs, people now long gone. And the prayers for healing the sick that were recited over it. The dancing on Simchat Torah. Year after year.

    Will its journey stop here? Will people use it in another 100 years?

    That’s up to you.

    You can breathe new life into it, repair it, and bring it to a new home. It will once again be taken out every week, paraded around the synagogue with every eye on it, kissed, read from, and danced with.

    You can make it happen. For only $36.

    The Torah needs lots of repairs. It also needs a new Ark, a pointer, a crown, and new coverings. A Torah this special needs to be kept properly and honorably. The total amount it needs is $18,300.

    How will we raise so much money?

    Our Sages teach us that every Jew is compared to one letter in the Torah. We need every single one in order to be complete. We need you.

    Can you sponsor a letter in the Torah for $36?

    If we each do our part, we can give the Torah the repairs and home that it needs. And it will continue its journey for another 100 years. Celebrating and praying with us and our children. And their children.

    By joining in this great and historic endeavor, your participation will be another step in bringing our community closer together.

    We’d love to welcome the Torah and share its story for the upcoming High Holidays. I know it feels like a long time from now. But there is a lot of work to do. And we must move quickly.

    So the second part of my request is: Please help this Torah continue its journey… quickly.

    The faster we get your gift, the sooner the Torah will be ready.

    Thank you so much for reading and for your consideration.

    Rabbi Dovid Kotlarsky

    P.S. Please help this century-old broken and neglected Torah continue its journey. Please sponsor a letter for $36 quickly so we can welcome it in time for the High Holidays.

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