Never Send a Machine 

to do the job of a Matzah


Please note: we are still anticipating to reach our Passover fundraising goal of $13,000. Kindly donate generously by clicking here. Your donation will go towards helping bring the holiday to members in the community. 

A message from Mr. Matzah:


I am Mr. Matzah. And I had a problem. Rabbi Dovid Kotlarsky was going to use AI Chat to help write the Passover appeal letter!


My Bubby always told me that I could do and become anything… as long as it was round and flat. I knew I could explain Passover better than heartless and artificial intelligence!

And I knew I could help you see why you would love to donate to bring Passover to people in the community with your donation. Here’s the secure giving page where you can do that:

So, I convinced Rabbi Kotlarsky to let me try. Never send a machine to do the job of a matzah!


You and I have known each other for a long time. 


There were memorable moments, like that first time in Egypt. That was when we celebrated the promise of freedom and our trust in G‑d. I’ll never forget our first crunch. 


Years later, we had such a lovely time in Jerusalem together. Families gathered around at Passover. You paired me with the bitter herbs and the Passover lamb. It was the best of times! It lasted for hundreds of years. We still talk about and reminisce about those times!


There were plenty of scary moments too. We crunched quietly together through the Inquisition,  Crusades, Stalin, the Holocaust, and many more dark moments for Jews.


Together for thousands of Passovers…Royal seders with tables bowing under dozens of succulent dishes, celebrating your freedom.  We’ve also had very simple seders - huddled together - drinking watered-down wine and believing in the promise of a better future.


Please believe this humble matzah when I say, “I know what people need for Passover.” 


And this year, so many people in Lakeview need you.

  • People need your help with home deliveries of Matzah, seder supplies, and Passover Kits.


  • People need your help with workshops and classes so they can learn the history, meaning, and beauty of Passover.


  • People need your help with hosting a community seder - where all are welcome to celebrate together.


Most of all, people are yearning for connection and community.

Are you willing to help them? Here’s where you can go to give now:

You can help. Your gift will help them feel comfortable, accepted, and at home. 

Because of all the seders I’ve been through…the saddest ones were the ones with the empty chairs. People who should have been there… but missed it. 

With your help, we will welcome them to a beautiful in-person seder. We will serve them mouthwatering soup, four cups of wine, and melt-in-your-mouth brisket. Your gift will give them an authentic taste of Passover with the handmade Shmurah Matzah. They will cry over the maror and celebrate with the wine. 


You will give them exactly what they need; a wonderful Passover experience.

And this is why I am asking you to help.

People love coming to our Chabad and they love receiving our Jewish “to-go” packages. 


They feel at home. They recreate and remember their childhood Passovers. They love to connect with their heritage and their people. They know they are welcomed, appreciated, and accepted. 


You can give them homemade chicken soup, the crispy matzah, the mouth-watering brisket, and the warm family atmosphere, no matter where they celebrate.


We can’t do it without you.


The costs of programming, food, and labor has gone up dramatically. Organizing Passover in 2023 is a lot of work and does not come cheap…in fact, the entire week of Passover will cost nearly $13,000! All of which will be given by people who care... knowing that it is important to share, relive, and celebrate with family.


Can you give $180? 

Donate NOW

They love coming. We hope you will love giving them a place to celebrate.  $180 is all it takes to give the special Seder Experience. Whether they enjoy Passover at Chabad or in their homes, you will be caring for them and enhancing their Passover greatly.

Please consider sending your gift today – any amount you can spare - so we can make the proper preparations in time for Passover. To make it easy for you to say “yes!” -  I’ve enclosed a return envelope…You can also donate online at

 Thank you for your consideration and for reading.

 I’ll see you a-round!


 Mr. Matzah

Donate NOW

 P.S. So how did I do? Are you inspired to help? Here is how the artificial matzah wrote it - 

As Passover approaches, we ask for your support in making this year's seder a special one. Passover is a time for reflection, gratitude, and community, and we are hoping to gather together and celebrate in a meaningful way. However, we need your help to make this happen. Your generous donations will enable us to provide traditional foods, such as matzah, wine, and charoset. It will also help us to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone can feel included and connected. Any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping us to make this year's Passover seder a truly memorable experience. 

You can give at or Venmo @ ChabadELV. Thank you in advance for your support.