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The YJP Purim Brunch Party

Celebrate Purim with Lakeview Chabad Young Professionals at:

THE YJP Purim Brunch Party!

Hosted at John BarleyCorn in Wrigley

12pm – 3pm

~ Open Bar*
~ Elaborate Brunch
~ Artisinal Hamantaschen
~ Megillah Readings
~ Purim Joy
~ Charity4Needy
~ Shift Purim Gifts

Host Committee:

Howie Abrams | Becky Adelberg | Ryan Aleman | ​​Anthony Cadosh | Daniel Egel-weiss | Cameron Erickson |​ Greg Fleytlikh | Roxie & Rich Goldberg | Lee Gruen | Alex Jakubowski | Victoria & Kevin Kalika | Jonathan Kamel | Rachel & Josh London | Rachel & Jared Neuhausen | Rachel Pike | Jerry Pine | Marti Pine | Molly Rissien

*please note: we'll have a open bar from 12:30-2pm. From 12-12:30 and from 2-3pm there will be a cash bar
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The YJP Purim Brunch Party   Mar 12, 2017
 Reservations for this event segment is closed.