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It is a special merit to participate in its printing, we are offering all members of the community to have their name included in the back pages of the Lakeview edition of Tanya. Your contribution will help cover the costs of this unique printing.

For each name please include the English spelling of the family name as well as the Hebrew name for each family member and their mother's Hebrew name.

We thank you for being a part of this special occasion and once the Tanya is finished and bound you will receive a copy of the Lakeview Tanya


History of Printing of Tanya 

In 1796 the  Alter Rebbe   founder of Chabad Chassidism published the  "Tanya" , which was to become known as the 'written Torah of Chassidism', revolutionizing Jewish thought forever.

In 1984, the 
  Lubavitcher Rebbe began a campaign to print an edition of Tanya in every city and community in the world ! His directive was based on a teaching of the   Baal Shem Tov that   Moshiach
The Rebbe's emissaries dispersed throughout the globe took up the Rebbe's call and traveled from town to town in their region, printing Tanyas in every stop along the way. Since the Rebbe's call, more than 7,000 editions of Tanya have been published throughout the world , from large bustling cities to small rural communities. Please note the printing of our Tanya is a Hebrew edition.
The printing of our Tanya will be in honor of the 19th of Kislev, the day that is celebrated as the "New Year of Chassidism". We will have a Farbrengen and dinner open to the community on Monday, December 16 7:30pm at Chabad - 655 W. Irving Park rd. Free parking across the st.