Need a Mezuzah?

  • Need A Mezuzah?

  • Chabad offers Mezuzah placement free of charge.

    Please confirm you have a Kosher certified Mezuzah scroll and then call us at 773-495-7127 to schedule your free visit by Rabbi Dovid Kotlarsky to help place your Mezuzah in the correct way.

    If you need to buy a mezuzah we are happy to offer you a 100% Kosher Mezuzah for the same price we paid. The Mezuzah is the scroll, the parchment that is handwritten by a certified scribe in Israel. 

    We recommend NOT buying a Mezuzah on Amazon or any place online, we have seen way too many non kosher Mezuzos in homes in the area that was bought without knowing the scribe. 

    Standard Mezuzah: 10ct Basic Mezuzah scroll (includes case): $60

    Just like there are many options for food, cars, etc. etc. the same is true in regards to a Mezuzah. The more someone can spend on their mezuzah, the nicer and more professional the handwriting the mezuzah will be.

    The standard Mezuzah is a Kosher and beautiful one, however if you would like to choose a higher quality we are happy to help get you one (the prices begin at $60 and can go upwards to $200 or more).

    Below are some other options:
    10ct nicer mezuzah (includes case) $80
    12ct Beautiful Mezuzah Scroll (includes case) $100
    7ct Mezuzah scroll (includes case) $70
    6ct Mezuzah scroll (includes case) $90
    5ct Mezuzah scroll (includes case) $110

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